Count on a real estate agent

With increasingly easy access to Facebook or online advertising websites, the temptation to take care of the sale or rental of your property yourself is great.

Of course, you can always try to sell or rent your property yourself, but if you don't get results after two weeks, it's best to call a professional.

If there has been no reaction following the publication of your ad or if there are visits but they do not result in any offer, there is a problem to be identified.

CHARLES IMMO can accompany you to help you solve these problems. Selling or renting a property seems easy in itself, but it's a job: there are real commercial techniques behind it, as well as various resources (experience in expertise, particular advertising medium, network of contacts, knowledge of the field, estimate fair price...).

CHARLES IMMO also provides follow-up at the administrative level. This follow-up can quickly turn out to be more annoying than expected as your transaction progresses. A real estate agent is accustomed to the formalities of rentals or recurring sales.

As part of some of our temporary promotions, we also offer certain mandatory documents to our customers and do the necessary on their behalf.

Another advantage of working with an agency is that it has no "affective relationship" with the property sold or rented, whereas when selling it personally, it often happens that our (future) clients are stressed and so "involved » personally in the transaction, that instead of doing well they sometimes point out the faults of the house, that they miss the potential buyer/tenant by not insisting enough on the advantages of the property.

Also, customers are more talkative with a real estate agent than with a landlord. Customers allow themselves a lot of remarks that they would absolutely not allow themselves to say to an owner in order to spare their susceptibility.

This neutrality makes it possible to really identify a potential buyer, to have “confidences” on his financial possibilities and to judge or not the seriousness of the candidate.

Still not convinced you want to work with an agency? Did you know that 85% of sales are made through real estate agents...?

Finally, believe our expertise, working through an agency will guarantee you incredible time savings for all the aforementioned reasons but above all... to avoid having to make chaotic visits, late at night or early on weekends, as well as visits where people do not show up without warning, postpone appointments at the last moment etc...