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To sell or rent your property well, you have to choose the right price.

However, many real estate agencies make the mistake of overvaluing properties to please the client and win the “deal”.

Customers who want to sell without an agency also often overestimate their property because they have an emotional relationship with it and inflate the sale price by telling themselves that the buyer will negotiate it later.

For CHARLES IMMO, a FAIR estimate, in line with the market, is the basis of a quick and successful transaction.



CHARLES IMMO is based on objective reference criteria to assess your property such as the geographical location, the surface area, the condition of the latter, the direct environment, the quality of the finishes and materials, the layout of the rooms, the potential of the property and the price of similar properties in your geographical area.

Do you want to put your property up for sale or for rent? Do not hesitate to consult our agency.

We are at your disposal within 24 hours for any estimate or advice.

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